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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Less than perfect

Most of us will admit that we are less than perfect, but of course there are some exceptions of people who see themselves as perfect, which makes me laugh.  The reason I am saying this is that I got involved in some new things yesterday and forgot that I promised a short post.

I am blog shopping for more various craft blogs to net work with.  Many of them do weekly give aways.  I will work on doing a monthly give away.  I can't say how long that will take me to do.  It can be difficult to find artisans that have any follow through dedication.  I had several who said they wanted to be featured on my blog and I haven't heard anything from any of them in the week since.

Some people make writing a daily blog post seem easy.  I suspect after a while and from what I have heard bloggers start recycling old posts.  There is even software out there to help you mix up anything you have written so it's a bit different.

The suggested blogging is every day or at least 5 times a week and consistently.  The types of post suggested are: a giveaway, a guest post, a top ten or some type of list, an article about like minded blogs and what is called a "pillar" post, that is something that is timeless like frequently asked questions or a how to, this one should be longer and content rich as well.

I may do monthly giveaways later, but for now I would like to do one funny post a week.  Now I just have to decide which days.  I have tried writing something every day and I don't seem able to think of or find enough information to come up with a daily posts.  I am striving for 5 days a week for now.

For today just to mix this up a bit, come visit a FB auction page: This and that jewelry and beyond
Anyone who would like to participate in a Twitter tree there are three blogs that run a weekly twitter tree.  This one is on Mondays (at times they do take a break) and another one is on Wednesdays (that's the one I do right now) there is one listed for Fridays as well, but it seems she hasn't updated her twitter tree and actually the Monday one with Christie Cottage hasn't been updated either.  There are no longer Twitter trees running on Tuesdays and Thursdays nor is the hashtag #bluebird being used any more.  The hashtag they use is #retwt and you can add one other hash tag if you would like.

Don't know how a twitter tree works?  Well with these twitter trees each member gets to post two tweets that they would like the rest of the team to tweet for them and you tweet their requests in kind.  Pretty simple really.  You also need to go back later if you get there in the morning cause some people join later in the day.  The team leaders do occasionally check to see that everyone is tweeting everyone else.  That's only fair and I hate the fact that some want other people to help them and give nothing in return.  We all could use a bit of help and that is the purpose of a Twitter tree, it extends every members reach.

I also have a friend who is still hosting a private tophatter auction.  You can see what this group of artisans are offering by visiting the FB event here and one other auction that is on FB you can visit here  I have some of my items on there and the starting bid is at cost.

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