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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding craft blogs

The one pet peeve of mine about Googling anything is that I often get results that are not what I am looking for, but then I can do the exact same search another day and come up with different results (on the first few pages I mean).  I especially dislike getting "referring sites".  You know like and other sites that basically take you to another site which sometimes also takes you to another site.  Too many of the sites list web pages erroneously and the sites that they link to doesn't even know anything about the referring site.  I called a Chiropractor once that I thought also did some alternative healing methods.  Turned out that was how he was listed on a referring site, but he knew nothing about that alternative method.  Sorry that I am not telling what the alternative was but now I can't remember because it's been at least 4 years.

For starters here is a site that rates craft blogs and you can submit your blog to be listed there if you would like  This site lists several blogs but most of them say they are into many areas of crafting including cooking, gardening and other domestic activities (which I never thought of as a craft).

Here is a list of blogs that are cover specific crafts:

I will be writing a very short post tomorrow because I will be participating in a Twitter tree.

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