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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Other shopping and selling options

I decided for those hobbyist who would just like to pay for their materials I would start a list of sites where they don't have a pay a monthly fee (flat or per item).

You do need to be careful when you read the word free.  People use that word as if it applies to everything and then you find out that the free is very limited.  Such as freewebstore the free account only allows 15 items and only has free support for a limited time.  Also the price is in the English pound.  I know at one time one English pound equaled $3 US or maybe a bit more.

Make sure you read the rules about what is allowed and what isn't and if there are any limits on these.






This vstore.also says 100% free and lists live demos and all sorts of features.  As well as claiming to have a no fee auction site

This one is called vendi and is really interesting because it talks about selling on multiple channels.

The below listed Bonanza requires that you pay a fee when an item sells.  I have seen lots of expensive designer items on this one.  It doesn't focus mainly on handmade and vintage like many other sites do.

bonanza - pay a percentage fee when an item sells.

This will be a list of free shops that have a limit and the purpose of the free shop is really a way to encourage you to upgrade to a "pro" seller account with all of the tools.

Zibett has a free 50 item limit on their free store.

SupaDupa also has a free site, but it's limited to10 items and they call their stores, boutiques.  This is another UK based ecommerce site.

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