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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little something for everyone

Small dogs can help

Unfortunately I live in the US

This is for my buddy Allan in the UK

Who is the pillow here?

For all of the APPLE fans

This one is for all of the horse lovers

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Botanicals for beauty is hard at work with a new look for the web site and new products too.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Laugh hard on June 18th 2013

So what did I find to laugh at or about this week?   A few things a bit different, take a look and see if you can find your belly laugh.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it

Do you snub people who look different?

People do keep wondering about that don't they?

You may not be thinking Christmas, but artisans are once July gets near

There can be a price to listening

Hope this isn't too political

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Unbelievable sweetness anytime

Well here I go again slipping in another blog post late in the day but still before midnight.

Sara is the owner of the sticky wrapper and she lives in Washington state with her husband and son who are both very supportive of her business and help out as much as possible.  She has been selling online since January 2011.  I asked her what got her started making such wonderful treats and she replied that the idea came to her when she was laid off and a friend of hers told her about Etsy.  She thought candy would be fun, versatile and fairly easy to ship and the only problem she would have to deal with would be the candy melting in the hot months.

for those who need gluten free
At first she played with the idea of doing lollipops.  She ordered a sample pack of flavorings and the pack came with lemon oil.  Her other flavorings came from a local shop that has larger sizes that are a little more affordable plus it helps if you don't have to pay for shipping.  Many of her treats take about 4 hours to make.

All of her treats are made to order and special requests are welcome.  If you are having an event, please place in order in advance to allow time for Sara to both prepare and ship your goodies.  Handmade artisans always appreciate being able to plan their time in advance.  We love sending you the freshest and best possible products.

caramel sauce

I asked Sara about her lemon/lavender caramels as far as what do the smell and/or taste like and she replied that the tastes and scents of the oils were very similar to regular extracts except slightly stronger and could be used in chocolates as well.

 Sara says she has always loved specialty candies and will try anything once.  God bless her.

I also couldn't resist asking Sara where she got her ideas for some of those wild treats from like the maple bacon caramel or balsamic strawberry marshmallows.  She told me the ideas come from family and cooking in general and that there are so many choices out there that she picks the ones she thinks will make her business stand out.  She also told me that the bacon flavors are pretty popular as well as the spicy caramels,  but the other flavors only seem to sell at certain times.

bacon salted caramels, anyone?

All candies come wrapped in FDA approved  self sealing packaging.  Sara's caramels and marshmallows are all made from scratch, and cooked on the stove, then poured into molds in order to keep them as uniform as possible.  Now go visit her fan page and then her shop and see if one of those 56 items will bring you and yours some special delight.

Become a fan of thestickywrapper and invite your mouth to drool over any of these special candies

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013 funnies

I know it's late in the day, but it's still Tuesday and here are my funnies as promised.

That bear looks fake to me

Maybe that's why I prefer dogs, LOL

This one just cracked me up

What can you say?

I know lots of people who want to give this answer. me included

It's all relative, isn't it?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 2013 Botanicalsforbeauty Update

I am now working on my second week of physical therapy due to the surgery that was performed on my thumb (because of the damage done by arthritis).  It is a gradual process of stretching the tendon so I can once again use my thumb.  However, I still have arthritis in the other 4 fingers plus in the other hand and that will have to be addressed at some point in time as well.  For now as long as I can keep the use of my hands to a bare minimum and wear copper bracelets that my friend Judy A. made for me I can at least take care of myself while my boyfriend is at work.

My time is being spent learning to use Dragon on various sites and to accomplish various goals, plus doing a little planning and research.  I am working hard to find a blend of essential oils that will counteract my fatigue, the only treatment that I have ever found to be fully effective in making me feel fully vital and energetic was a homeopathic doctor that I can no longer find and unfortunately I had to quit treatment early because I lost my job and could no longer afford to pay.  There are some others but whether or not they use the same equipment and techniques and have the same "remedies" I wouldn't know.  I am determined to get better, but like many others who are suffering, money can be the obstacle that stands in the way of trying something that may or may not work.

I already have my eyes on the lookout for items and gift set packaging to purchase for the Christmas season. I am debating on whether or not to offer a men's cologne and a women's spray perfume using grape alcohol as a base.  Grape alcohol is not easy to find so that could present a challenge with stocking the items.  I am also considering adding African black soap as an item that can be custom made to order.  There are one or two other surprises that I am considering that I think I will hold back on for a little while.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I have not disappeared.

I will return to my Tuesday funnies starting this Tuesday.