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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Goodbye to May 2013 funnies

There are just more funnies out there with animals than anything else or maybe it's just my sense of what is funny.

never really though of bunnies in this way

looked too cute not to be shared 

Seems to be a very common problem in this day and age

not sure about the writing but just look at the CAT

If you have had children, you have heard this one, haven't you?

What can I say?  Too funny

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Never miss the funnies

I will always do my darndest to get my funnies published no matter how bad I feel.  I am working on learning how to use Dragon to help me type, however lately I have also been experiencing a great deal of back pain.

Here is the first one I couldn't resist.

remind you of your son, grandson or nephew?

This kitty is just too cute

so true, don't you think?

Smart you know what

not a good idea to pin them down when apologizing
I keep praying that I will feel better soon, so I can get back into the full swing of things again.  Seems like I keep finding things I have to download and install from the web or things I have to relearn due to my new computer and OS.  Plus it takes more time to learn Dragon than I thought it would.  I start hand therapy on the 31st.  Enjoy the funnies compliments of FB pages and

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Funnies for May 15, 2013

I apologize that this is a day late, but hope that you find these worth the wait.

Terrible twos or horrible threes?

This one is not a funny but is so awesome I just felt the need to share it.  Wouldn't you call this amazing art?

Ya think?

Can you say Napoleon complex?

We all know what is coming with the but,don't we?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thank you all for your patience

This is just a brief post to let everyone know that the hand surgery I had on Tuesday seemed to go well.  It was quiet pain for a few days and the amount of typing that I can now do is limited.  However, I will be getting a new computer soon and with it Dragon software.  Even though the software has a learning curve and some glitches, it will still be helpful.  Just one more thing to let you know, I will have to have the same type of surgery on the other hand and starting on the 31st of this month I will be having hand therapy sessions 2 to 3 times a week for maybe 2 months,  so I might have to miss posting once a week.

Please feel free to email me at at any time.  I would love any feed back or suggestions you might have, or even just to hear from you.  Thanks everyone and have a great week.  I will be posting my usual Tuesday funnies this week, so enjoy.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Amazing Hollyknitter

Question: How long have you been knitting and crocheting?

Reply:  I have been knitting since college and crocheting for over 50 years.  My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was only 8 or 9 years old which is a memory I treasure.  I love to knit and have really enjoyed creating since I retired almost 4 years ago.

Question: Why did you decide to call your business Hollyknitter Creations?

Reply:  Holly knitter creations is named after the area we live in (east Texas).  Holly Lake Ranch is about 2 hours east of Dallas and has the trees and green landscape that reminds us of the east coast where I lived as a teen as that is also where my husband grew up.  Plus we are close to our children and grandchildren.  There was a coffee shop called HollyPerk in our nearest town and I played on the use of Holly from Holly Lake with my knitting.

Question: Do you use different types of yarn as well as different colors of yarn?

Reply:  Wash cloths and dish cloths need absorbency - so I use 100% cotton for those.  There are some differences so my baby wash cloths are made with a very soft cotton and the dish cloths have a little different texture in the cotton yarn.  I like to use cotton for my towel toppers but do resort to acrylic when I have to match a specific color because cotton tends to "run" and acrylic is color fast.  My baby hats can be made in either cotton or acrylic, whichever the customer wants or whatever catches my eye.

Question: What has to be done differently to get the embossed look on your wash cloths?

The embossed look in the "picture" cloths is created with knit and purl stitches.  I just ordered a tree house pattern to make for my grandkids for a Christmas present that will go into their stockings.  It is always fun to figure out a special cloth for each grandchild's personality.  One year it was skateboards, Ninjas and ducks.

Question:  Where do you find your ideas for creations to make?

The towel pattern with the knit ties is my own creation because I hate to sew.  So I created a handknit topper for the dish towels that use ties rather than traditional buttons.  I also use patterns I have purchased or found online from several designers.  I feel copyright is important to respect.  Some designers have given me permission to make items from their patterns and I give them credit as the designer.

Allison Barren has beautiful quilt patterns that are knitted.  The designers I use are very gracious when I order patterns and send them in MS Word format so my computer can read the lines to me audibly with a screen reader as I am legally blind.  It is awesome to have that kind of technology to be able to accomplish what I want to do as a knitter and as a business woman.

Question:  How long did it take you make and list 100 items?

I have been selling my creations on Artfire for 18 months now and I just reached 100 items a short time ago.  Other info about Hollyknitter Creations:  I also belong to a charity knitting group and we make hats, scarves, baby items and prayer shawls for missions and local charities.  The group is called Chicks with sticks.  The group meets once a month and makes some of the most beautiful afghans, shawls and sweaters.

You can find Sharon (aka Hollyknitter) using the below links.

hollyknittercreations on Artfire
find her on pinterest
and on twitter

Friday, May 3, 2013

New sampler packaging has finally arrived

My smallest sampler offerings will be these two white scroll pillow boxes.  The smaller one will only hold a few small items.  There will be one offer with one butter sample and your choice of either 2 perfumes or 2 lip gloss samples.  Of course you could also choose one of each if you would prefer.  Since the sample sizes are so small there will be a choice of several without any price difference (a few essential will be excluded).  I will also have a second option available for those who would prefer a scrub rather than a butter.  A third option for a bath oil rather than a scrub of butter will also be offered.  I will make the choice of which of the scrubs, butters or oils will be included unless you the customer contacts me and lets me know which option you prefer (all options will be listed).

The larger of the two boxes will hold one scrub, one butter, two bath oils, 2 perfumes and 2 lip glosses. 

Here the boxes look like they are filled with candy
The price will be $7 for the small one and $15 for the large one.  The difference between the cost of smaller jars and bottles really isn't much and the same is true for the labels and the labor as well.  The most expensive container of the small ones is the perfume vials and of course there is very little difference in the price between the large and the small boxes.

I also purchased the above treasure boxes for those who wold like to throw a bath and beauty or aromatherapy party.  This box will hold many more goodies and I haven't decided which options I am going to offer yet.  You can bet I will come up with some really fabulous ideas and that some of them will come from you my friends.

I also decided I wanted to offer a few nice fabric bags.  So I choose the one above in both the pink and the red colors.  I will have to see which products will fit into these bags and I think I will offer them as an optional gift bag available with certain purchases.

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone.