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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Never miss the funnies

I will always do my darndest to get my funnies published no matter how bad I feel.  I am working on learning how to use Dragon to help me type, however lately I have also been experiencing a great deal of back pain.

Here is the first one I couldn't resist.

remind you of your son, grandson or nephew?

This kitty is just too cute

so true, don't you think?

Smart you know what

not a good idea to pin them down when apologizing
I keep praying that I will feel better soon, so I can get back into the full swing of things again.  Seems like I keep finding things I have to download and install from the web or things I have to relearn due to my new computer and OS.  Plus it takes more time to learn Dragon than I thought it would.  I start hand therapy on the 31st.  Enjoy the funnies compliments of FB pages and

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