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Friday, May 3, 2013

New sampler packaging has finally arrived

My smallest sampler offerings will be these two white scroll pillow boxes.  The smaller one will only hold a few small items.  There will be one offer with one butter sample and your choice of either 2 perfumes or 2 lip gloss samples.  Of course you could also choose one of each if you would prefer.  Since the sample sizes are so small there will be a choice of several without any price difference (a few essential will be excluded).  I will also have a second option available for those who would prefer a scrub rather than a butter.  A third option for a bath oil rather than a scrub of butter will also be offered.  I will make the choice of which of the scrubs, butters or oils will be included unless you the customer contacts me and lets me know which option you prefer (all options will be listed).

The larger of the two boxes will hold one scrub, one butter, two bath oils, 2 perfumes and 2 lip glosses. 

Here the boxes look like they are filled with candy
The price will be $7 for the small one and $15 for the large one.  The difference between the cost of smaller jars and bottles really isn't much and the same is true for the labels and the labor as well.  The most expensive container of the small ones is the perfume vials and of course there is very little difference in the price between the large and the small boxes.

I also purchased the above treasure boxes for those who wold like to throw a bath and beauty or aromatherapy party.  This box will hold many more goodies and I haven't decided which options I am going to offer yet.  You can bet I will come up with some really fabulous ideas and that some of them will come from you my friends.

I also decided I wanted to offer a few nice fabric bags.  So I choose the one above in both the pink and the red colors.  I will have to see which products will fit into these bags and I think I will offer them as an optional gift bag available with certain purchases.

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone.


  1. You have completely outdone yourself with these. They are all gorgeous and your choices of packaging are spot on. Good luck with this and I hope it does well for you - it should as all your products are AWESOME!

  2. These are great! I'm definitely gonna have to try them soon.

  3. What a great idea ... and it really expands your shop. I think your packages are beautiful ... the treasure chest idea is so fun! :-)