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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A special auction

Ever heard of Tophatter?  They are an online auction site there are real people there but they are all represented by avatars?  Sorry I am a techie ignoramus but I am learning constant, at times it makes my head hurt.  Here is a link to Tophatter and the private auction I am participating in. Private Auction peek.  Please do click the RSVP button even if you don't think you can attend.  The more RSVPs we have the more items we can put into the auction.

sorry but this is a doggie treat

I haven't been in the handmade group for very long, but like most things I do I jumped in with everything I can or is the saying both feet?  Either way, you get the picture, right?

Items do have a description along with shipping info and minimum price plus the retail price.  You pay the artisan through Paypal and they ship the item to you.

Cinnamon walnut brittle or your favorite

You will find items like lip balms, beads, jewelry and some dog and people food treats.  At the top of the page (I guess cause I was one of the first to add my items) you will see three of my favorites, rose essential oil solid perfume, a gorgeous handmade bottle that is filled with a lavender and chamomile bath oil blend and it's reusable too and last but not least my awesome apricot body scrub.  I only use it for my feet since they are pretty tough.  It can be used anywhere but I would not suggest using it on the delicate face.  It really softens and smooth the skin.  One of my crowning achievements well in my oppps humble opinion.

Food and dogs are always at the top of my list, but here are some other things that many truly love and that's jewelry galore.

I hope this sneak peak just whets your appetite to see what other special items might be auctioned off.  Auction is this Sunday at 8 pm ET in he US.  I hope you are able to join us and enjoy!

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