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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some funnies for the day

Boy I couldn't believe how hard it is to find funnies that I could share without paying for them.  The web is supposed to be about sharing not just making money.  We all need money that is for sure.  But you have to have a conscious about how you make it and whatever happened to "good will"?  In case that term doesn't mean anything to you, basically it's a belief that you have to do things for your customer that are not always in the best interest of your bank account so they will come back again and feel good and like you.  I don't know if accounting still does this, but there was at one time a dollar value assigned to good will.

Here is the first cartoon I want to share, I'll explain why below the cartoon.

The reason I liked that one was not so much for the calm down, but reading it reminded me that people who sort of attack you verbally always say don't get defensive.  Well isn't it natural to be defensive when getting attacked?  Would they rather you got offensive instead? LOL

One more cute and funny item to share.  Can you believe they got this dog into that?  Neither of my dogs could stand even a sweater or a hat.

I'll be on the outlook for funny and unusual things to share on a weekly basis from now on.  After all you do need to break up the monotony now and then.

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