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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today's blog feature is a fellow artisan whose name is Christie Cottage
You can also visit Christie on her blogspot: One of her greatest pleasures is crating from scraps. Her grandmother and great-grandmother were a huge influence in her life when it comes to crafting things by hand. They both grew up in a "waste not, want not" era which has carried over into Christie's work. In her shop you will find many items made from recycled fabrics and scraps that were going to be discarded by others. Christie spends a great deal of her crafting time on making things for her small church. She is a Christian woman and strives to help the church youth have funds for Christian activities. Vacation Bible School required her to make 41 beach bags for their Under the Sea theme. Plaster casts of crosses and Rejoice in the Lord were on the list too. Seeing a child delight in the Lord brings great joy to her. Christie is the Team Leader for the CAPS Team. CAPS stands for Christian Artists Promoting Shops. It is a no pressure team where the shops include other team members in their treasuries and Collections. The CAPS Team on etsy is currently doing a once a month "challenge" to create a treasury using a scripture. There are items in Christie's shop starting at a mere 25 cents! Christie loves to paint and began painting on canvases after her husband's unexpected death at the age of 43. She finds that painting soothes her soul. Christie's hands are rarely idle. There are usually knitting needles, sewing needle or crochet hook in them, when they can find their way off the computer because she promotes many hours each day. Christie's blog hosts the Twitter Tree© . Where most weeks on Tuesdays and Thursday, others who tweet will tweet your items. It is a great way to get exposure and traffic to your site. I met Christie through Artfire when a bunch of us were putting together a Christmas in July sale to help boost the their success on Artfire.

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  1. Jackie is a terrific person who I met online. I used to be part of the Twitter Tree. She's all about promoting and teamwork. Great feature!