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Monday, August 6, 2012

Craft blog reviews

The first crafting blog I would like to review is named bugsandfishes and you can find it on blogspot at this address  She works with felt, and has tutorials on making a felt brooch, a butterfly mobile, lavender sachets, pillows, plush toys and lots of other items with felt.  She does some cross stitching too.  She also has cards and some really pretty gift wrapping ideas.  Plus she has a section where she reviews craft books.  She is from the UK and not only sells the supplies but finished items as well if you like them and don't want to do all of that work.

She even gives hints on how to cut small felt shapes.  She seems to try to blog something every other day, but it may be just a few pictures and a hint on what she is working.

The next blog I visited is called somedaycrafts and is on blogspot as well   She features various types of crafting and artisan crafters, some have tutorials, and giveaways (looks like on a weekly basis).  Her list of categories is very long.  If you get turned off by advertisements then you might not like this blog.

The third blog I visited was craftworkcards It features card making tips, amove this showcase of some of her cards, and what would a blog be without competitions?  She has a link to a gallery of cards on her blog, you can get lots of great ideas from her if you are into making cards even if it just for family and friends.

The fourth one was my personal favorite (even though the cards came in very close).  Super cute Kawaii
If you like all things Kawaii with giveaways, contests and special picks then this blog is for you.  They also keep you up on special events.  There is very little writing and lots of cool pictures. with some guest picks as
well.  You will learn about some things on the web that you may never have heard of.

christytomlinson - Does online workshops, like many crafters she does write a bit about her self and her life.  This one also has a ton of categories, anything from life lessons to DYI projects and of course tutorials and workshops.

Lastly marelladesigns looks like a fairly new blog with no categories yet.  It features different products and she has a storenvy store.  She invites other artisans to share and seem to like sharing inspirations.

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