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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Making up your mind

There are lots of folks who have problems making up their minds.  Yep I am one of them.  Don't really like to go with the flow but as you get older fighting the flow starts taking more energy than it seems to be worth. Summer time is always a slow time for sales, great weather  for being outdoors and of course they children are home and then there are vacations as well.  As a result some artisans get really creative with sales and making money.

One of the creative events I have found is hosting a private Tophatter auction or even a Facebook auction page.  One person is doing this for $5 and it lasts 6 weeks, they combined a Facebook ladder with the auction.  Who couldn't use a few more likes on their FB fan page.  Yep that's rhetorical.

What I would like to do is blog on a regular and consistent basis 3 times a week for now and build up to 5 times a week in the future.  Unfortunately like many people there are days when I feel lazy and uninspired.  I also need interaction to get inspired, but some people are just so mean that make me want to run away. LOL

Well I made a new friend in the past few days who is from northern Canada and her web site sells miniature bonsai trees plus she goes out and finds "rock" but maybe that is a Canadian term, because I think here in the US we would call them gem stones.  She tumbles and polishes and I think cuts them too.  She also does some classes on Facebook I believe.

She likes to run charity auctions on Facebook to help children and adults with disabilities.  She has a disabled husband.  He suffers from being paralyzed.

I have found many crafting blogs to write about but just taking a cursory look I don't know how interesting anyone might find them.  I guess it depends on what interests you.

This is the routine I am going to try to establish.  I want to blog on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  I want to rotate the blogs between the following:  funnies to share, facts about varying crafts, guest posts, about other related blogs, occasionally a list post (like top ten crafts) and I will try to do a give away once a month.

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