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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten most popular crafts

How do you think people determine what is most popular?  Well you can look at the number of people writing about that craft or you can look at the number of stores in a particular craft on various web venues or you could go to Amazon and see what crafting books are the most popular.

After looking at all of that here is what I came up with as the top ten as of today.

  1. Jewelry of course.  (lots of variety in materials for this one and varying techniques also)
  2. Bath and beauty (who doesn't love bath and beauty items).  
  3. Sewing (all kinds of things including clothing, purses, etc.)
  4. Paper crafting (I would think this one would includes card making and scrap booking)
  5. Crochet (sock monkeys, stuffed toys, purses, hats, gloves and you name it)
  6. Knitting (I never did understand why knit rather than crochet)
  7. Candle making (I am actually surprised that Yankee candle is still in business)
  8. Needle craft (Don't really know much about this one except for the time consuming needle point)
  9. Doll making including doll clothes
  10. According to the top selling craft books I think this could be a tie between origami, quilting and home brewing.
So let the world know which craft you think is best.  I have to admit that I am surprised that scrap booking didn't come up higher on the list.  Personally I have read a few books about using scrap booking techniques to make really special cards.  As a matter of fact I have asked my boyfriend about getting an electronic printer/cutter/embosser for me as a Christmas present and couldn't believe he said yes.

What is your favorite craft and why?

1 comment:

  1. This is a great post and interesting list. I think my favorite craft has to be, hands down, crochet. It's fun, I can make almost anything with it and the rhythmic flow of the double crochet stitch is just heaven! There is nothing sweeter for me on a cold winter day than a hot cup of tea, a ball of yarn and my crochet hook.