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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August sampler Zbox from Zibbet

If you love samples and especially handmade, then a Zbox is just the item for you.  You can give them as a gift to friends and family, like so many other people do.  To purchase one (for a mere $20 including shipping) visit this blog

Here is a sample picture of what you may get in your Zbox.

You never know which shops are going to send samples in, or what type of samples or even how many.

Some of my bath and beauty product sample will be included in September's Zbox and here as image of what they look like.

As you can see my samples come in a pretty little organza bag and you never know which color you are going to get.  Certain products have essential oils to help a specific issue and some you can get the essential oil of your choice.

Some of my products are for serious skin problems and some are just for fun and pleasure, you can visit my Zibbet shop with this link


  1. How cool is that! Love Z Box and I always wonder where my products end up. How about you?

  2. I just bought my first z box. It's the August box because I couldn't wait for September.