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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nail Polish Artisan Kelsey Feature

My name is Kelsey. I hand mix nail polishes and sell them on my Zibbet store. I always have had an obsession with nail polish and I especially loved getting nail polish from indie shops. After looking at my huge collection of indie nail polishes I decided it would be fun to start my own shop. I'm so glad I decided to sell on Zibbet because everyone there is so nice and their customer service is amazing. There is a community section on Zibbet where you can chat with other store owners and there's a free store plan if you don't want to commit to premium.   After I signed up I had a difficult time thinking of colors to make. I would look through my nail polish collection and ask my friends for advice. I now have 5 polishes listed.  My nail polishes are  Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene free!

This is my first: Hot Cocoa

One mini bottle of nail polish has 5 ml.  A regular sized nail polish has 15ml.  I use a special nail polish base that will suspend glitter so the glitter doesn't fall to the bottom.  For anyone who doesn't know what Indie means it's short for independent. It means stores not associated with a large company. Indie nail polishes are unique. A lot of them are only made once and since they are handmade so there will always be small differences. My  plans for my store right now are to keep it small. I love making nail polish and it's fun talking with other store owners, but I would prefer to keep my business easy to manage.

This one is Sky Sparkle

My nail polish can lasts any where from 3-10 days. It depends on whether you use a base coat, top coat, and what you do everyday.  I always recommend that you use a base coat and a top coat to make sure your nail polish lasts as long as possible.

Some nail polish colors are mint, turquoise and pink. It really depends what season it is and what mood I'm in, though. I love having lots of colors to choose from. Painting my nails relaxes me after a long day.  The most popular nail polish colors are always changing and everyone's options are different. Here is a  list of my top 5 favorite nail polish brands.

5. Wet n' Wild
4. Revlon
3. China Glaze
2. Essie
1. OPI

I will even make custom colors upon request.  I am the only nail polish store on Zibbet now so no competition.  Visit my store at everybitofsparkle and my nail polish blog at meandmynailpolish on blogspot


  1. Lovely guest post! :) Inspires me to paint my nails! I now wanna go grab some of my nail polish and start painting! lol!

  2. I have no idea how to make nail polish nor have I ever thought of it - so this is really cool that this artist does this. Thanks for sharing this feature!