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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Sugar Sugar Scrub Shop Story

This is the story of the Sugar Sugar Scrub shop. You can find her at both Etsy and the CraftCafe.

I started my shop in summer of 2009 when my marketing job put me on part time. I was already making Sugar Scrubs, but just for fun.

My new item ideas come from things I like and want to make for myself.   If I like it then I start selling it!  It is so hard to pick out my scents. I really just pick all the ones I like and also have facebook contests to choose scents like my holiday ones.  I currently have at least 30 scents and I keep adding to them.

Sugarita Lime Margarita scented

One of my new products is a  sugar whip which is a mix of oils from my sugar scrubs with my whipped soap + sugar! Its a great scrub for people who like a smoother feel instead of a rough scrub. Sugar does not dissolve in oil, only in water so it works. As for my blends I just do trial and error. I blend scents into a sample product for testing purposes and just use my sense of smell to decide what is good, it has worked so far
Love Story inspired by Taylor Swift

My newest product is my fabric flower hair pins, each is one of a kind. I know its not a bath and beauty product, but I love to wear them, so I am selling them!

I also have body sprays, body butters plus a whipped shaving soap.  I have a special section in my shop for Christmas and the holidays.  You can purchase a $20 gift certificate in my shop as well and I do have 2 sampler sets which you can give as gifts to others, or even to yourself to try various scrubs and find your favorites.

My business plan is to hand make what I love, not to try to make what I think would sell. If I love it, it will come across in my work.


THE WINNER OF THE BLOG CONTEST FOR 2 LIP BALMS will be announce on Tuesday along with my funnies post.

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  1. Well, I learned something ... I didn't know that sugar wouldn't dissolve in oil. I just recently discovered sugar scrubs and love them but, yes, they are a little rough. So I really like the idea of a softer (gentler) version. Thanks for the introduction ... Sugar Sugar Scrub shop sound like my kinda shop. :-)