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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Holiday Stocking Company

It's well known that some people have a real hard time coping around the holidays. They are filled with angst and often depressed. This was me for years and years. I had to find a way to leave that behind. Making stockings became the answer. Throughout the year I would go to fabric stores and buy remnants to use for making stockings. Creating these gave me much inner peace and the angst began to leave as I donated what I made to local charities and communities in need all over the country. Giving has been very cathartic.

Near the end of the 90's I began thinking that perhaps I could do this on line so began researching what that would involve. Believe you me there was a lot involved! I researched every aspect of web sites, vendors, the Internet, business registration etc. and in 1990 launched my first web site which I had built and maintained from the ground up, until 2008.

Creating the stockings was such fabulous fun especially when a customer had design ideas that we could connect on. Communication of these ideas was often done via e mail but sometimes people would call and we would discuss the designs over the phone. Hanukkah stockings was something I had never thought about doing as I thought stockings didn't apply to that particular holiday but a woman called to ask if I could make her a few. She provided information that got my creative juices flowing. I sent photos of the mock-ups and nailed it in a few days. A gentleman from Boston once called to ask if I made Hanukkah hats. I asked him to describe what it would look like and by the next day I had one made for him then sent it with my compliments thanking him for such a creative idea.

I also have gifts on my site including earrings, bracelets and fine art.  I will continue to work on great Christmas items and do custom orders as time goes by, meaning that my site will keep growing.

 Since 1999 Holiday Stocking Co. has been a home based business allowing me to conquer the holiday angst, be a better person and afford me the opportunity to do something I feel good about. The original site was down for a couple of years but is back!  To contact me with any questions or requests, email me at Thank you!

Fine Art by Richard Faulkner III


  1. These stockings are great! I wish I hadn't just bought new ones! It's also really impressive how long you have been at this successfully! Good luck for the future. :)

  2. I love the idea of doing something creative and giving the items to charity to help abolish the holiday blues. So many people feel bad during Christmas ... this would certainly give them a purpose and help them feel better. Thanks for introducing us to this very giving artisan and her beautiful shop!