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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Handmade Classic Raggedy Ann Dolls

This is a feature on The Yellow Roses shop on Zibbet that creates handmade Classical Raggedy Ann dolls and other really cute handmade dolls plus some quilts. I find the materials she uses to have a very interesting look and appeal.

I started sewing when I was in high school.  I learned from my Mother as she was an excellent seamstress. My mother didn’t finish high school, but when  I was a senior in high school, she got her GED and went on to become a practical nurse. She loved working as a nurse at a local nursing home.

I made my first Raggedy Ann when my children were young and about 15 years ago I began making teddy bears. I sold bears; dolls; and other handmade items at a monthly Market Day in Goliad, Texas.

Classical Raggedy Ann Doll

 Classical Raggedy Andy Doll

I began selling on an internet site in Jan of 2008 and came to Zibbet in March of 2011. I enjoy being on Zibbet as the other sellers are so friendly and the admin is so involved! I still enjoy doing craft shows and seeing people's reactions to my “babies!  I didn't start making bears until a little over 10 years ago when my first grandson was born. I had fun making them and I enjoy finding fabrics that make cute bears with.

Quilt Print Fabric Bear

Raggedy Anns are the most popular item in my shop. The bears and other stuffed animals do well at craft shows. I also enjoy making small quilts, they have also been popular at the craft shows.

Rosie the rabbit

I use patterns for everything I make. I work full time as an accountant, so I am a rule/pattern follower at heart! Something you learn early on is that if you don’t cut correctly your project will not fit together correctly. Most all of the patterns I use have been adapted to my designs.

I usually spend a couple of hours each day sewing and working on the computer. Weekends allow me to spend more time sewing. Like most other crafters, creating is something I enjoy!

I am always thinking of new ideas! Some work and some don’t!  My grandchildren (especially my 6 year old princess/diva, Maddie) keep me thinking in new directions! I am always inspired by the wonderful fabrics that are available.

Reduced to only $5

 One of my bears is made from quilt print fabric, and two other bears are made from actual vintage quilt tops that were pieced together by hand by my grandmother. Using a quilt top as fabric is a challenge, but one I enjoy.  Last year, I made two bears from ties as a special order . My customer's father had passed away and she had saved some of his ties. I was able to make a bear for both her and her mother, as a memory of both a father and husband.

theyellowroses on Zibbet


  1. These are adorable! I love Raggedy Ann & Andy!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. When I was young I went as Raggedy Ann for Halloween once! They are too cute!