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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introducing decorations by PJs Treausres

Why don't you consider your die cuts as supplies for carding making?
I don't consider my die cuts as supplies for card making because I can cut out a 12" pumpkin, decorate it and hang it on the wall.  My supplies in this case are card stock and the materials I use to decorate it.

What are your candy wrappers made from?
My candy wrappers are made from card stock or scrapbooking paper. I sell just the wrappers because of the weather.  I have done custom orders during cooler weather and included the candy.  I'm getting ready to introduce other candy/treat holders.  I've done them in the past, sold locally, and had good success with them.
Why don't you also make greeting cards?
I love making greeting cards but the market is so flooded.  I do make a lot of different types of cards to send to family and friends.  I try to make all my grand kids one a couple times a month just to let them know I'm thinking of them.
Where did you get the idea for making framed pin cushions?
I honestly don't remember where the idea for the framed pin cushions came from.  I don't remember seeing one any elsewhere.  I was making dry erase frames and I had done cork in frames before-maybe that's where the idea came from.  I think they are very unique and very functional.
How are your tags made and what do you use to make them?
I have made many different types of tags.  They can be attached to gifts, inserted in cards, or made in sets and given as gifts.  The latest ones I have made are "scraplings".  They are called this because they came into being from card makers cutting the ends of cards off to resize them.  They then used the 'scrapling' for a tag.  A crafter rarily throws anything away!
What inspired your mini albums?
My mini albums in frames were inspired by Heidi Swapp.  She is so very talented! I love making these because there is no limit to the content.  I do plan on making these for all occasions such as birthdays, holidays, new babies, etc... They are a great way to showcase photos!
What are your beautiful flowers made from and are the very hard to make?

I don't make a lot of flowers.  I play around with different techniques and make a few of the ones I really enjoy doing.  Most of them are made from laces and trims.  They really are quite easy but produce gorgeous results.  I am currently learning to make zipper flowers.  I found a bag of zippers at a thrift store and decided then I would try them!

How do you bind together your note pads?
I really enjoy making notepads.  The possibilities are endless with these also.  Years ago I bought up a ton of chip board coasters at a store that had them on clearance. I just knew I would use them "someday".  lol I finally got them out and started playing with them.  My notepads were born.  At first, I used a tool called a Crop-A-Dile to punch holes and assembled them with ribbon.  I finally invested in a Bind It All that can make spiral notebooks.  Love this little machine! For the covers, I use scrap-booking paper/card stock.  I also am making matching magnetic bookmarks. They make nice little gifts. 

Is there anything else you would like to talk about? 
Another item I love making are stick pins.  No limit on the creativity.  Thousands of beads to choose from; or I can just use what I have on hand to create the perfect embellishment for any project I may be working on.  Have I ever stuck myself?  Can we say "YES!!!"?


  1. I love the flowers ... you're right ... they are gorgeous! They would dress everything up ... from coats to blouses to headbands to purses ... oh the possibilities are endless! Thanks for introducing us to another fabulous artist!

  2. I like the flower, so adorable. I made a flower out of felt and glued it on a big bobby pin. I like your flower so much better though! Also, the stick pins you beaded could be done as bobby pins too! I love little bits of glam for your hair!