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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Blog Contest Winner and funnies too

The winner of the two lip balms for October's give away is smallfootprints (I won't gift the real name since this is the name used on the posts).  Although I didn't have a second place prize originally, because Kayla posted so many times I will be giving her a prize as well.  She will receive two lip balms as well, but they will be the new ones I am trying which use a standard round tube and only contain 0.20 ounces rather than the 0.33 oz..

Smallfootprints has already sent me her address, so now I need your address Kayla.  I will also email you kayla just in case.  Thanks for your participation and your lips won't be capped and hurting this winter.

Does it depend on who gives the hug?

Do you know the feeling?

Isn't that the truth

That cat looks so distressed LOL

Well only 57 including today NOW


  1. WhooHoo ... thank you so much! I'm just THRILLED! And congrats to Kayla on winning as well! Well ... that has made my week! And, it's been a chilly one so the lip balm is going to be so appreciated (my lips are suffering). :-) Thank you again!