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Saturday, February 23, 2013

More sample options and how about a party?

I have now finished my research on doing sample bags for bath and beauty parties.  You can also do an Aromatherapy party if you would like.

This shows some of my products but the packaging and labels have changed on many of them

I haven't taken the time yet to price these party and sampler bags out yet, but then I need to know what people would like in them.  It's very difficult to charge the same for everything as the costs of essential oils varies wildly.  Some flowers like Jasmine, rose and geranium bourbon are very expensive and then others like neroli and ylang ylang are in the middle price range.  

I could very well charge the same price for all butters, all scrubs,  but when it comes to items like perfumes and bath oils that would be more difficult.  

Scrubs, butters or balms would go into the small one

Plus how many samples should go into a party bag?  Every time any one makes a purchase $0.30 or more plus a percentage goes to the payment processor so I want these sample bags to work for both my business and any potential customers.  Any and all IDEAS would be fabulous.  Of course it is difficult could get even a group of 20 people to agree on anything.  I Found that out when I was planning my wedding and asked the guests I invited what their favorite alcohol drink was.  Of course they were very nice and said I will settle for beer and wine.  They all knew neither myself nor my fiance were rich.

The liquids like bath oils would be in these bottles

I would also like to give people options as to how much and how much variety they would like to have.  Maybe a minimum price with a discount for more samples would be a good idea.

Perfumes and aromatherapy oils would go into those

I am not so sure which I should use if anyone wishes to sample items like the lip glosses, supple nails,. my cuticle moisturizer or my facial oils.  I am wondering if people are willing to use a q-tip to try these items in the vials.  Because none of my products is watered down, you really don't need much for a sample size.

lASTLY, what should I do when I ship this?  No bag, nice bag, give you a choice, just a plain box?  Thanks for reading and giving me some good ideas.


  1. Laura, you dont have to do a sample of everything. Pick a few things that is a good reputation of the items you carry to start with. You can always expand it later. Good luck with your new adventure.

  2. Fabulous idea! And I agree with Dana. Start with a few of your items and add to later on. I would, however, include one of your newest items in all the packages.
    Good luck!

  3. How about a six sample bag, one for face, lips, body, hand, feet, and perfume.
    Pack in a plain box with a nice bag.

    Good Luck!

  4. I agree with all of the above. I also want to add that people would probably not have any objection to using a Qtip (include one for fun). A plain bag or box with a tad of tissue paper would be perfect.

  5. WOW! We have some thinkers in our group. Good job gals! :) I agree with all the above. :)