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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Card Making - Snowbearhobbyshop

Today I have another artisan feature, this time a card maker.

Do you know where the idea of cake toppers came from?
I'm not sure where the idea for cupcake toppers came from,,, I had a request for  a set a few years ago,,, I don't often make them very often as they don't sell very well..

Do you have any get well, birthday, retirement, graduation or wedding cards?
Many of my greeting cards are blank inside.  I keep them blank in case someone wants a get well or another sentiment on the card. I can usually add the sentiment to the front or the inside of the card.

One way in which she can add Happy Birthday to a card

Do you buy materials that are embossed (raised) or do you do that with an embossing folder?
I do not buy embossed paper, I have a machine that does the embossing.  I love embossing paper and use it on most of my projects.

Can you or do you have any pop up cards?
I have never done pop up cards, but if requested I would be happy to research and I do take custom requests.
 I have done custom messages, but only printed off the computer,, it costs a little more but it is worth it to have a  special message that is more personal. I do not do print or graphic work, at this time.

What type of ribbon do you use on your spider cards?
The ribbon used on my spider note cards is black sheer ribbon bought at Michaels arts and craft store.   I love love sheer ribbon.

Which card have you created that you feel the most proud of?
The card I'm most proud of is my skunk out house card. It took me almost 2 hours to make and design the card, but the outcome is just so adorable!!! This is the most time consuming card that I have been involved with.

What is it that you are using for the eyes of the deer on your deer gift tags?
The eyes on my deer gift tags are called Googly eyes and can also be purchased at Michael's.

How long have you been selling on the interenet?
I've been making and selling cards online since March of 2008

Was there any particular event that made you interested in making cards?
There is no particular event that got me into making or selling online, after purchasing my cricut machine, I used to post my creations online for others to see and someone suggested a selling site for me to list my creations on, so I joined and have been selling online ever since.

Which items are your best sellers?
My mini note cards sell the best, other shops buy them and use them use them as thank you cards for their packages.

Do you also sell at shows?
I have never tried selling at craft shows since I sell small ticket items, it would take alot of sales to gain back the table fees, which I am not so sure would be worth it.

Have long have you been making cards for?
I started scrapbooking in 2007 and started making cards in 2008 so not long before i started selling them.
Tell us a little about your background and who you are.
My name is Heather,, I've always been a crafty girl ,, I was introduced to cross stitch and stuff animal making in high school and have been hooked on crafting ever since. I did cross stitch for over 10 years getting me through some difficult times. After meeting and marrying my husband I took up crocheting which got me through some loney times with hubby being gone alot. After our wedding, I took up scrapbooking and loved it and got hooked right away. After completing many albums, I ran out of pictures to scrapbooking and then turned my attention to making cards.

There are also some crotchet items in her shop

After running an embroidery machine for many many years, when my husband got out of the military and we returned back home (Nova Scotia) I got a job at Michaels (arts and crafts store) I have been there almost three years now.  I love my job and most of my supplies come from there, it is always nice to see new products and change coming into the store. I work part time, with no kids.  I have a dog (hunter) who is plastered all over my Facebook page, he is a rescue dog with tons of issues but he is ours.  I love movies, playing cards and most of all creating with paper and yarn and hope to do so for many years to come.

Where you can find snowbearhobbyshop:
snowbear on Wanelo


  1. Thanks so much for the great feature :)

  2. Those are really pretty and well crafted cards. My favorite one is the skunk leaving the outhouse.