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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Have you heard of the Lavender Fox?

Today I am going to introduce my readers to a very lovely lady who owns the Lavender Fox on the Craft Cafe, she is also on Etsy.  Below are the questions I asked her along with her answers.

What makes a truffle bath melt a truffle rather than just a bath melt?
A tub truffle and bath melt are essentially the same thing; I just like the way “tub truffle” sounds because it sounds so luxurious! I was looking for new recipes a couple of years ago and ran across a recipe for “tub truffles” that intrigued me. After I tried it, I was hooked. I have tweaked the recipe since then to put my own touch to it and it has become a customer favorite. Once people try them, they always come back for more.

How many different ingredients can be used to create toners?
I have seen lots of different formulation for toners. Toners are very versatile and can be made from a lot of different ingredients depending on what someone’s skin needs may be. Since most people have “normal” or combination skin, the toners I have available can benefit a wide range of clients. Their ingredients include witch hazel, distilled or floral waters, aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils that benefit the skin like lavender, geranium, chamomille, sweet orange, and rosemary to name a few. 

Is your gentle baby wash technically a soap? What makes a cleanser gentle?
Yes, it is a soap, but unlike most commercial products, it does not have any harsh chemicals or anything that should irritate sensitive skin. That’s basically why I call it “gentle”. :) I have had quite a few clients with babies who had eczema who have been able to use this baby soap over others. 

Are your scents all fragrance oils or essential oils or a combination of both?
I use a combination of both, but the fragrance oils I use are all phlalate free. My facial products only have essential oils because of the benefits they provide for your skin.

Do you think a bath melt is better than a bath bomb?
It’s probably a matter of preference, but I like the bath melts better because they are so moisturizing. I also like that you get more “bang for your buck” with bath melts; I sell them in sets of eight which is good for eight baths versus the one bath you will get from a bath bomb.

I asked her to tell a little about herself.
We live in beautiful North Carolina. I love that we can be in the mountains or at the beach with just a short drive. I am married to the love of my life and have two small children (ages 4 and 1). I became a work-from-home Mom when our second child was born which is wonderful. I love that I am able to be at home with my children and work on building my business at the same time. I have the best of both worlds and feel very blessed. 

When and why did you decide to start creating bath and beauty products?
Several years ago, I made a gift basket of handmade goods for a family member. She loved what I made, so I started making them for other family members and friends. They started encouraging me to try selling what I was making. I found that I loved the creative side of making products, not to mention that everything was all natural, so the hobby quickly turned into a business venture for me. 

How long have you been making bath and beauty products?
I have been creating handmade products for approximately 4 years.

Do you also sell at Craft shows, etc or just on the web?
Yes, I do local craft shows occasionally but most of my focus is in my online stores right now. I will probably do more craft shows in the future as my children get older, but they are so young right now that I don’t want to leave on weekends to do the travel necessary for shows that are too far away.

Where do you get your inspiration from to decide what to make and what scents to have available?
It is interesting where you can find inspiration once you get into a hobby like this. Sometimes it’s as close as the kitchen! Most of my bakery type scents can be found in calorie free versions of the real thing like soap cupcakes, mini bundt cakes, or chocolate covered strawberry soaps. I also find myself looking at molds of all kinds to see if I can turn them into a soap, etc. The creative part of this is what is so much fun for me. I love it. 

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  1. Oooh ... we're practically neighbors. What a lovely interview! Thanks so much for the introduction ... I'm off to visit Lavender Fox Etsy shop. :-)