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Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Contest

You may not be thinking of this yet, but Valentine's day is not that far away.  If you have a special sweetheart and an interesting and or romantic story about your relationship with that person or if you met in a way that is funny or cute and might be enjoyable and interesting in any way to read about, I would love for you to share that story on my blog.  So that is what the contest is.  Send me your "love story" must be more than one paragraph (a paragraph is more than one line).  I just don't want any one's feelings hurt after they submit their story, so I am defining a few parameters about the story length.  If the story includes grammar errors or typos, no problem I am happy to do editing.  It's the actual story line that counts.  The best two stories I receive will each get their choice of perfume (any roll on or solid) and/or flavored lip gloss with a value of up to $25.  That means quality will win out over quantity of words.  A two paragraph story is fine.

I was told that this flavor is very popular

This flavor was one of the top ten chosen flavors

If you Google the term paragraph most dictionaries will define it as one or more sentences, however the way I learned to write in college is that the first line of a paragraph is the introduction of what the topic is.  We called tell it "tell them what you are going to tell them" (in summation form that is).  Here is a link to a web page that discusses paragraph structure (just in case you would like to be sure before you start writing: Basic paragraph structure

The contest will end on January 30th and I will announce the winners as soon as I have had a chance to look over all of the stories (so it will most likely take up to a week).   Please submit your story any time between now and January 30th.  I live on the east coast so you can actually submit any time prior to 8 am ET on January 31st.

Please submit your stories to
Can't wait to see some of these stories.

PS To see an image and learn more about my perfumes, just visit my web site using these links.  for solid perfumes or for roll on perfumes


  1. Looks like a super fun project, Laura. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the stories at contest end. :-)

  2. WOW fun fun fun and I'm going to submit a story too!

  3. Fantastic Idea, looking forward to hearing about the lucky winner.