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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today I am featuring the Craft Cafe shop called Enika Treasures and Design.  Here are the questions she answered and some information she added as well.  Now you can get to know her a bit as well as her wonderful talents.

The first question was, what is the difference between knitting and crocheting.
The difference between knitting and crocheting are the stitches and the feel of the texture. I think it depends on the project you are working on if knitting or crocheting takes longer. Also one person is faster knitting and the other crochets faster.

 I also asked if she had any plans to grow her kitchen section of her shop.
My plans for my kitchen section are making potholders, dishcloths, baskets and small handy items. For toys I am thinking in the line of small dolls, animals, and for other items I am looking to find other craft items, like maybe cards, small items made out of wood, anything other then knitting and crocheting.

Of course we all want to know a bit about the shop owner/artisan's background.
I come from Germany and I have been here in the US since 1983. I have lived in several different states (I used to be an Army wife for about 12 years) and now live in North Idaho. I am a christian mother of 2 grown children, both married and I have one 8 month old adorable grandson. I have a loving husband, who supports me in every way.

I always liked art and enjoyed working with my hands. My father and his father used to paint with oil, watercolors and acrylics. My mother loved to sew, knit, crochet and embroider. I guess you can say that it is in my genes. lol I had many teachers, my dad, my mom and my teachers in school. I also learned a lot by trying new patterns out of magazines and other sources. I usually give away my finished products, just because or for special occasions and I was told to try selling them. Very seldom would I try to sell one of my items, but couple years ago I played with the thought to actually do so

My wonderful husband Michael supported that idea. Since I cannot find work, I decided last year to start my hobby business. Actually my daughter Kristen stumbled over Craft Cafe and liked it. I checked it out and loved the idea of opening  a shop with Craft Cafe, but at first I just signed up and kept checking all the other shops. I compared with Etsy, Ebay, but always was drawn back to Craft Cafe. I started saving my handmade items and finally started building my shop, which took me quite some time. In December of 2012 I prayed for blessings over my shop, which I named Enika Treasures and Design (Enika comes from my middle name Erika, which was misspelled on my GED) and activated it. I hope that my work will please my customers and that they will return for many years to come and that they will recommend my shop to others.

You can find Enika Treasures and Design at any of the below links.

craftcafeenikatreasuresanddesign at the Craft Cafe

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