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Monday, November 5, 2012

Take a break from politics with Election day funnies

Some of these are funny and some are cute and some are heart warming but I just list them all as the funnies for this week.  I do a funnies on every Tuesday and put captions on them also.

Are you a little crazy until you have your coffee?

If you want to be beautiful it takes work or/and money

You don't love people because they are perfect

Just because Pandas are so darn cute

There isn't really such a thing, even if you just
enjoy the company, that's self  interest


  1. Critters are just precious, aren't they? Thanks for sharing these ... they made me go "ahhhh".

  2. Love these--and want that cool leather jacket for my Oscar.

  3. So cute! Made me smile today, thank you!