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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A home daycare Christmas story

This story is brought to you by Judy Giffith of Juniquegoods on

A few years ago one of the children from my day care was watching the Christmas Parade  in our town.  When Santa came by he saw him and yelled, “I will see you at Ms. Judy’s”.  Others around him were asking “do you really know Santa”?  Puffed up with pride, he got over his speechlessness, and said “Of course, don’t you”? 

Each year at Christmas we have Santa come, talk to the children, give them each a gift of something they like (we furnish the little gifts of course) and have lots of photo ops. That year when Santa came in he looked straight at the child and said, “I told you I would be at Ms. Judy’s”.  One of the others piped up and said “I told all of you the real Santa came to Ms Judy’s”. 

What wonderful things happen to children all the time and this is one the children still talk about because he still comes and still rides in the Christmas parade.  Some of the older graduates come on the day he comes and always get tickled because Santa is always the same.

3 of the children Judy takes care of


  1. Ahhh ... what a special place Ms. Judy's must be!!

    1. Thank you. We have been very fortunate. Several of our children are now in college but manage to come back to visit. Presents a real shock when we see them drive up - not sure we are ready for that much growning lol.