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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lip gloss flavors contest

I want to start offering flavored lip glosses in January. Most of my items are all natural from some type of plant. These flavors will be synthesized and highly popular flavors. My problem is there must be at least hundreds of them and with a limited budget I can't afford all of them, so I would like to pick out the top 10 flavors according to my visitors.

Here are the flavor oils that I am considering: cherry berry, cinnamon supreme, French vanilla, coconut milk and peaches, grand marnier and apricot, cappuccino, blackberry pomengrante, black cherry, butterscotch, champagne, chocolate cream, coconut, Island delight (very popular), margarita, vanilla orchid, peppermnt, pina colda, raspberries and cream, root beer, strawberry swirl, vanilla banilla, chai tea, blueberry, brown sugar, creme de menthe, green apple, hazelnut, dill pickle, pink lemonade, pistachio ice cream, pizza, red velvet cake, sangria, watermelon, white chocolate, wild red cherry, zucchini bread, peanut butter, mango peach, pineapple and tangerine, nutmeg and caramel, ginger snap, lemon cheesecake, lemon pound cake, lemon drops, malted milk balls, mango lassi, mint truffle, caramel and orange sorbet.

CONTEST AND VOTING ENDS SUNDAY December 9th.  Winner to be declared the following morning.

Don't worry the list is on a poll so all you have to do is place a check mark next to your choices.

LIP GLOSS CONTEST POLL This is the link to the poll, no need to leave a comment with your choices.


  1. 1. cinnamon supreme
    2. coconut milk and peaches
    3. island delight
    4. root beer
    5. blueberry
    6. red velvet
    7. mint truffle
    8. pineapple and tangerine
    9. vanilla orchid
    10. nutmeg and carmael

  2. 1. blueberry
    2. red velvet
    3. pineapple tangerine
    4. vanilla orchid
    5. coconute milk and peaches

  3. 1. Sangria
    2. Peppermint (MMM!)
    3. Margarita
    4. Coconut milk and peaches
    5. Pineapple Tangerine
    6. Peanut butter (woah! never saw that done before! love the idea!)
    7. Mint Truffle (perfect for holidays!)
    8. Champagne (Perfect for wedding favors!)
    9. Lemon Cheese Cake
    10.Island Delight

    Goodness! Now im hungry !

    Ashley - - - - - - Thanks!! And best of luck!!