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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who is Sewmantra?

This blog post is a look back at a blog post I did last August.  This particular artisan has taken a turn, one that is a happy one for her and may very well be for many others, but to me it is a sad one as I truly loved her work and I can not imagine being able to make any of those fabulous creations no matter how good she is at teaching  others how to make creations.  You can see the old post with the images of her creations by visiting here.

She now has a store where she sells bags, totes and tees with various prints.

Sewmantra's Monarch butterfly

Another printable from Sewmantra

Sewmantra's Daisy

She also does some classes and will soon start some art and creativity coaching on Crafty Link sometime in May.

Sewmantra's Social sites:

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