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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just another Tuesday

Did you know that there is a scam out there, where you receive an email saying that you won a lottery but you must send them XXX amount of dollars to collect your winnings and many people fall for that, don't you be one of them.  I swear, this one is in my local post office.

Maybe just a bit too heavy on the meat, HUH?

If you are yourself than most likely you are weird, LOL

Just too cute not to share

wine, candles, bubbles all of the classical beauty bath items, LOL

Men never seem to have a line, do they?


  1. My fav is the second one, probably because I have 4 chihuahua's and one chihuahua

  2. They are all too cute. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. They are all super funny. Love the next to last one. Great way to start the day - laughing.

  4. Love 'em all! But I must say that Oscar seems to be a bit chihuahua since he got home. LOL.