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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Special Treat featuring author Anita Stewart

Anita Stewart loves to write and has a great imagination.  I love chatting with her on Facebook.  She was born in the USA but now resides in the UK with her husband and children.  She has written an entire series of books.  Here is an excerpt from the first book in the Ancient Breeds series (Black Pyramid: Special Edition).

Summoning the power of the shashaiti, the necklace warmed instantly against his skin. Now he could see through barriers of concrete, steel, and plastic. The camera wasn’t in this room. It was in the man’s room. He saw him in bed, the covers moving.
Letting go of the shashaiti, he didn’t detect the woman behind him until a blinding pain spread across the back of his head.
“What the hell?” He stumbled forward. Touching the back of his skull, he saw blood on his fingertips.
Who had hit him?
Taking in the empty bed he growled with frustration. That’ll teach me to keep my eye on the suspect in the future.
Whirling around as the lights blinked on, he saw her holding a frying pan with a big dent in it. “You hit me with a cooking implement? Who does that these days?”
“Frightened women, now get out!” She held the frying pan like a baseball bat, the sales tag hanging from the hole in the handle.
“I’ll hit you again!”
“Give me the weapon.” He demanded, knowing full well he intimidated her.
“What do you want?” She tightened her grip on the pan, her fingers flexing around the handle.
“I came for your camera.” He rubbed his head. Damn that hurt. Where did the frying pan come from?
“It’s in my purse, just take it! There’s money, you can have it too!” She inched her way to the counter and threw the purse at him.
“The camera is not in there, I checked.” Waving his hand, he snatched the pan from her using telekinesis. It landed on the floor with a dull thud.
“How did you do that?” Her face turned pale.
“Do what?” He stepped around the counter and took hold of her arm.
“You made me drop my pan. How did you do that?”
“Forget the damn pan! The camera is all I am after. If you get it for me, I will let you live.”

If you enjoyed this excerpt, you can purchase an electronic copy of this book for only $1.99.
There is also a short story for this series that you can download for free
Plus in a few weeks she will have another free one available called Atlantis
You can visit her web site which contains a guest book where you can connect to her Twitter feed, leave comments, read her blog, and it even has a chat feature (which probably only connect if she is on chat).