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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Botanical for Beauty Perfumes

Today I am writing about my "all natural perfumes".  At this time I have perfumes in both roll on and solid styles.  The roll on perfumes are simply essential oils in a base of golden jojoba oil.  The solid perfumes are in a base of olive oil, illipe butter (which is a very hard butter) and a bit of candelilla wax (an all vegetable wax).  This wax is perfect in one way because it has a very high "melting point" it won't melt in the summer heat, however that also means that I have to work with it very quickly as it can solidifies more quickly than the butters that I work with.  I also use this wax for my lip balms.

You will find that most essential oil perfumes are in a base of alcohol regardless of whether they are a roll on or a spray.  For those who prefer to have a light feel on their skin than either of my current roll on or solid perfumes I will be creating a light weight spray perfume in the future.  However, I have discussed this subject with my mentor and she said the best base to use would be either a hydrosol or grape alcohol.  Grape alcohol is difficult to find and as a result when you do find it, it is very expensive.  I found a gallon on the web and it costs $495.00, plus the USPS will not ship alcohol and it can only be shipped via ground.  Hydrosols are the by product (water left over) from the steam distillation process that is done to extract essential oils.

You may read that a hydrosol is the same as a hydrolat, flower waters, floral waters or distillates.  However, this can be confused with floral waters that are actually water with essential oils added and that is definitely not the same.

My perfumes are currently both single notes and a few blends plus some fragrance oils to give a bit of variety to customers who might want it.  I will also be introducing more blends over time.  I am aware that the current trend has been to have 10 or more scents all blended into one, however this is not how perfumery works.  Perfumery has 3 notes.  A top note, a middle note and a bottom note.  The bottom note is the "anchor" so to speak.  You can always add a "tad" of something truly special to your blend in addition to these 3 notes.  But the majority of the blend will be 3 scents, why you may ask?  Well the truth is too many different scents only confuses your nose and professional perfume formulaters call those "muddy" scents.

I currently have 3 blended perfumes.  One was at the request of a group of my friends who wanted a spicy scent and they even suggested which spices to me, so here it is "Exotic Spice".

This one seems to attract a great deal of interest "Romantic Whispers"

I love to hear your thoughts, but be nice.  What's your favorite scents.  Do you love exotic flowers, exotic fruits, do you have a favorite fragrance oil?  I would love to look at feed back and comments.

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  1. Exotic Spice Roll On Perfume is WONDERFUL!!!!! Glad you did this blog, it explains a lot that I never thought of.