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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why does anyone buy handmade?

People who take the time to create items with their own two hands often spend a great deal of time learning what quality means.  Handmade can not and does not compete with manufactured goods.  Handmade items are unique and often one of kind.  Many handmade items are also part of recycling, meaning they are eco friendly.

You can find handmade artisans all over the web.  As a group, handmade artisans can be found on Facebook, by searching blogs, and many even have their own web sites.  Of course you can find handmade items at various venues as well, such as Artfire, Etsy, Storenvy, Supa Dupa, Zibbett and there are other new sites in progress.  There is even a site that is strictly handmade artisans and their suppliers.

The types of items you may find from those involved in crafts made by hand include:  jewelry, wooden items such as salt and pepper shakes and yes even chairs, bath and beauty items, some paint glass, then those that sew, knit or crochet create many items such as leg warmers, wash clothes, wall hangings, rugs and all types of decor.  Certainly let's not forget things like custom embroidery,   and the more ordinary items such as belts, soap, bags and purses, clothing , candles baskets, just about anything you can think of and some things I never even knew existed until I became interested in handmade bath and beauty items.

To see just a few of the wonderful artisans and the items they can create, visit the FB fan page: It's Better Handmade


  1. Laura, you're off to a great start!

  2. What a nice article about IBH and promoting all the great handmade artisan's. You really are off to a great and wonderful start Laura!