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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Easy is Crafting

There are always different types of crafts that go in and out of popularity.  I remember (yes I am revealing my age partially) a craft called tufting.  It involved using a tool to push yarn through a stretch out template (can't remember what it was made of, it was so long ago).  You could make rugs or wall hangings that looked like animals or butterflies or almost anything.

I know creating soaps and lip balms have been really big but I think the hottest craft is scrap booking.  Of course there has also been sewing and crocheting or knitting.  Felting is a type of sewing that is done with felt materials.

There are also many who like to create jewelry and try to sell it online, same with soaps, and most of the above stated crafts.  So what is going to be the next hottest thing in crafting?  There are also many who handcraft bath and beauty products. 
Even though this may not be a hobby for many there are still artists out there who do wood working, wire wrapping, and work with all kinds of metals and even some who sell unique looking painting, plus I have found a few who work with glass and who create beads.  Is creating beads going out of style?

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think or know.

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