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Friday, June 29, 2012

Best scrap booking cutter there is

The latest version of Bosskut gazelle cutter is currently on preorder sale for only $419 at and comes with extras like extra blades and vinyl cutting blades plus an extra cutting mat.  They don't stop their either.  I spoke with Terri at Bosskut today (yep you can actually talk to a live person) she said this version also comes with $100 worth of Bosskut designs that they sell on the web site, this is in addition to the 700 designs that come with the software Funtime III.

Now you can't sell the digital design, they are copyrighted, but you can cut them and lay them out any way you choose and sell the work you did with this machine.  You can't do that with Winnie the Pooh characters, they are totally protected and you would have to buy an expensive license to sell any work featuring those characters.

BossKut extended the pre order sale, but it probably won't go on for more than a few days. Then the bonus package goes away and the price goes up. The capabilities of the latest version of the gazelle are second to none, rated them in the number two spot, but there is no comparing this machine to the number one cutter because the price of the number one cutter is much higher.

The black cat cougar has been called the gold standard of electronic die cutting machines but the price I saw was $740) plus their customer service is not rated as highly as Bosskut's, so if you need a machine that doesn't have a few of the bells and whistles that the cougar does, buy the Bosskut gazelle. I highly recommend it from spending hours on the web doing research into forums and reading what scrap booking enthusiast have to say.

You can read the top ten article on cutting machines at toptenreviews.

I was so impressed by what I have read and learned that my boyfriend will be buying me one as a Christmas present. I tried my best to convince him to buy it on the pre-order sale, but he is kind of funny about money. I would buy it myself but I have invested all of my money in a vegan skin care business. Selling online is tough especially for hand made artisans.

I asked Terri what were all of the materials were that the BossKut gazelle could cut and she said she wasn't sure because they haven't tested the machine on every material it might be able to cut. I just sort of laughed and said okay, what materials do you know it can cut. Of course it can cut cardstock and vinyl, in addition it can cut chip board, thin acrylic (thin means less than 1 mm thick), magnet sheets, shrink dink (never heard of that one before), it can also engrave thin metals.

It is a printer, cutter, engraver and embossing machine all in one. I probably have missed some features. I will be encouraging Terri to add any comments about anything that I may have missed.

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