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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Almost 50 posts - Time for a giveaway

Now that this blog has almost 50 posts and over 1,200 page views I want to start doing a giveaway.  I haven't yet decided how often, but I am hoping to do so once a month.  Below please see a review of other giveaways.  I will announce my give away and the dates plus qualifications below the reviews.  This is in lieu of doing  blog reviews.

Here are the links to other give aways sites.

biglistofgiveaways Current giveaways run the gammet from frozen meals, to labels to a $50 Amazon gift card and more.

bloggiveaways The giveaways listed here stay at the top of the page until the giveaway closes.  The latest giveaway includes coffee and a coffee mug.  Some other giveaways have included tickets, pest repellent, Stevia and a cute cat purses plus one was a gift certificate.

byhandgiveaways The value of the prizes on this blog run from $10 up to $100 and all of the prizes are handmade items.

It looks like many giveaways require you to leave comments on a blog post or follow the blog, there could be other requirements for entry but these seem to be the most common.

This one is for those who Live in Canada only they also have freebies, contests and some other types of events listed.

I only looked at the first page of this web site and it looks like they are all US or Canada contests but their list is over 900 pages.  Maybe they don't delete the old ones when they are over.

It looks like all of these giveaway listings have a huge variety of prizes.  Here is another one to take a look at doubleprizes

It looks like this blog has not listed any new giveaways since June 15 of this year.

This one lists current giveaways on the right side of her posts.  There are 18 more for me to list, so I am just going to list them rather than reviewing them, you can check them out at your leisure. (cute name HUH)

I am sure there are probably at 100 of these on the web.  I often wonder if at least 1/2 the population on the planet isn't doing something on the web.

Starting today and ending on September 30th, my giveaway will be any two wrinkle oils you choose or one of my perfumes that retails for no more than $15 at my craftcafe shop.  The condition is your choice either leave a good comment or follow my blog and you will be entered into this contest.  The winner will be chosen on October 1st using either rafflecopter or


  1. Thank you for this nice giveaway and all the links to giveaway sites!

  2. One site that will get you a ton of giveaway traffic is

    This site is a great place to list your giveaways - looks like you off to a great start, good luck with the giveaway!