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Monday, December 10, 2012

Wining Lip gloss flavors and guess who?

First off I am going to announce the winner of the $20 gift certificate to botanicalsforbeauty but first I am going to announce which flavors I will be carrying.

Here are the list of the flavors with the number of votes they received.

coconut milk and peach 10 votes (Aroma Haven)
mango peach 8 votes (Aroma Haven)
pineapple tangerine 8 votes (Aroma Haven)
lemon drops 7 votes (Aroma Haven)
cappuccino 7 votes (Aroma Haven)
french vanilla 7 votes (Aroma Haven)
blackberry pomengrante 7 votes (The Sage)
pink lemonade - 6 votes (Aroma Haven)
strawberry swirl 6 votes (The Sage)
I choose pina colada to be the tenth flavor. (The Sage)

I am hoping to add a few more surprises to the line up.  I will announce availability on this blog.

A special thank you to those who posted my contest on there FB pages as a big chunk of my views were from FB referrals and a special thanks to ETSYGIVEAWAYS as they accounted for a big chunk of the visits as well.

There were several that had 5 and 4 votes.  So I had to make a choice of the 10th flavor.

The WINNER IS Shari D. who will be contacted by email today.  PLEASE WHEN ENTERING USE YOUR ACTUAL NAME, I may be wrong because almost anything is possible but I seriously doubt that someone's real name is Awesome.

Tomorrow I will be publishing my usual Tuesday funnies.

Thanks to everyone who voted and entered my contest.


  1. What delicious flavors and congratulations to the winner of the poll! :-)

  2. How long have you been doing this Laura. Sounds very interesting.