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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Botanicals for Beauty July 2013 update

I now have 4 ounce ovals with a nice sprayer for my new body sprays.  I have also placed an order for a 10 ml pocket mist sprayer for the perfumes as well as a very nice 2 ounce jar both of which are on back order.  Here are images of the samples I received.

4 oz. body spray

The body sprays will be available in 10 different fragrances:  Eucalyptus spearmint, sweet pea, champaka, Japanese cherry blossom, cool water (type), coconut paradise, Dragon's blood, Amber Romance, mango papaya and Hawaiian Lei.
new 10 ml perfume blends

I have created 4 new perfume blends (sweet sensations, floral spice, exotic mist and feminine mystique) and of course my existing blends will also be available in this 10 ml fine mist pocket sprayer. 

2 oz facial cream
This 2 oz facial cream (please note the exact net weight may not end up at 2 oz that is an approximation) will be very special as it will contain a special ingredient known as ucuuba butter (used for many skin issues such as rashes, eczema, dry skin and acne).  Until the weather becomes a bit cooler and I don't have to worry about the temperature melting and possibly having other detrimental affects on this product I will wait to order it, so it will most likely not be available until late September.

My new website plus sachets, reed diffusers and hopefully a men's cologne (finding a bottle I consider appropriate is a challenge) will also be available before Christmas.  Opps and I almost forgot that I am also working on putting together some new larger size gift sets with matching fragrances of course.  So start visiting Botanicals for beauty in about 2 weeks and every now and then there after to see when the new items become available.

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  1. Beautiful containers ... they look so elegant! Your new perfume blends sound lovely. So many exciting, new things happening in your shop ... fabulous! :-)